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PHOTOSYNTHESIS IN NATURE  Nature & outdoor photography




Latest additions


The latest bunch of photos added to the galleries.


Personal favorites


My personal favorites, the ones that mean a little extra to me, simply because I like the photo itself, the subject, or because the photo reminds me of good times.




The place to be


There’s no place like home, but there is also no place like a forest. There is simply no place where I feel as comfortable as in a forest.


Shaped by time


Even though I am more of a forest person, the feeling of freedom when hiking in the mountains can’t be compared to anything else.




Our tiny neighbours


It's a shame that the abundance of crawly stuff around us is so overlooked. There is an unparalleled diversity of forms, colors and details out there, making macro photography very addictive.


Home away from home


I absolutely love spending the night outside in either my tent or my hammock. And as a result, I am obsessed with taking pictures of all my temporary homes, even after all these years.




Lights in the darkness


Night has to be one of the best times to play around with a camera, especially since our eyes are so bad at seeing at night, which always makes the resulting picture a bit of a surprise.


Masters of survival


Lichens are truly masters of survival, you'll find them everywhere, and they never cease to amaze me with their diversity in designs. And point a UV lamp at them, and many will show very nice fluorescense.




Slimy beauties


Slime molds are probably one of the weirdest life forms on this planet, they can sometimes be a very unattractive slimy business, but when forming fruiting bodies they become something really special.


Life after death


Life as it is wouldn't exist if it weren't for these recycling experts that can turn dead organic material in virtually every shape and color. And, like lichens, fungi show very nice fluorescense.




Order from chaos


There are many patterns to be found in nature, and they have got to be one of the most rewarding subjects to take pictures of.


Forces of nature


From the tiniest crystals to the largest canyons, geological forces have been shaping this planet and left a lot of interesting remnants for us to discover.