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Twilight transition


Capturing the transition from day to night in a single image by combining several photos was something I thought of many years ago, but somehow it took a long time to get started with it. Of course, It doesn't make things easier that you need several hours of the right conditions to get this done. And a lot of patience....

First test, a cold january morning. I should have started a bit earlier to get some star photos as well. Also, the foreground is less than appealing, but I didn't really care since it was a first test. 16 photos, 1h15m (2017-01-05)


In this case, a rising moon during a lunar eclipse was the main goal, but, as can be seen from the photo, there was no moon to be seen due to clouds. So I stopped this sequence and moved to a different spot to get at least some photos of the lunar eclipse. 14 photos, 1h5m (2018-07-27)


Finally things were looking pretty good on this location, but, unfortunately, clouds started appearing just before I could get some night shots, which can be seen on the right side of the photo. 19 photos, 3h (2018-09-19)


New attempt, during some very stormy weather, which is why some trees are a bit blurry. Unfortunately I forgot to check how the moon would behave this night, and, as I would discover soon enough, it would rise just after nautical twilight. Therefore I could not get any really dark night photos this time. But at least the clouds stayed away long enough to get a succesful series of photos. This photo is a combination of photos up to the moment the moon started rising. 14 photos, 2h10m (2018-09-26)


Same as the previous photo, but here I added some photos from after the moonrise as well, giving a lighter sky on the right hand side, as well as trees that are lit up by the moonlight. 18 photos, 2h50m (2018-09-26)